Family Health Insurance Coverage for Media, PA


Obtaining affordable health care coverage is one of the top concerns for most people today.  An unexpected illness or injury can cost you thousands of dollars that can severely impact your financial resources.  That’s why Pro Health Plans partnered with New Era and offers a variety of solutions to help protect you from the financial burden of these unexpected medical expenses.

Are you one of the millions of Americans who...


Does NOT enjoy employer-paid, tax-free healthcare?


Does NOT qualify for a premium tax credit from the Marketplace?


Is a Sole Proprietor or Small Business Owner looking for health care insurance for you, your family and employees? 

Take Control with​


Our brand new Health Saver GOLD plan is

saving policyholders 30% – 60%

on premiums, offers a choice of low deductibles, and includes

No Cost Value-added services.


Real People.  Real Savings.

"I am thrilled with what Pro Health Plans did for my family.  We are saving $800 a month versus our previous Cobra coverage."

Mike from New Hope, PA

We are making a difference

in peoples lives. 

We offer affordable insurance solutions that help you take control of your financial and health care future. Our quality products are backed by a commitment to keeping your insurance premiums stable and as low as possible. We are also devoted to superior customer service.


Getting in touch with us today or submitting a Quote Request will be the best decision you will make to provide affordable insurance for you, your loved ones, and your employees. 

Pro Health Plans was founded by Mike Garvey, a local Philadelphian, who lives in Delaware County with his wife.  With over 27 years of health insurance experience, helping both individuals and small/medium businesses, Mike specializes in obtaining affordable and sensible solutions for his client's healthcare needs.


Mike Garvey

Mike Garvey,

Founder of Pro Health Plans

Who We Are

Pro Health Plans is owned and operated by a group of licensed, independent insurance agents who have been appointed (meet the financial and ethics standards, and have completed the products training) set by New Era – Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company, and have met the licensing standards set by each state in which we engage in the business of insurance.


Pro Health Plans is committed to providing superior customer service for you, your family and/or your business through the entire transition process and beyond.  We believe in personalized service in an increasingly automated world.  We currently Serve Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Missouri and Maryland.


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