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We'll Ensure Your Protection 


Health Saver Gold is the best alternative to major medical policies offered through the Marketplace.  We’ve combined the best rates and flexibility to meet your budget with all the flexibility an indemnity health plan offers.


Health Saver Gold is low cost, state-of-the-art and loaded with value-added benefits that provide you, your spouse, dependents, and employees with peace-of-mind while avoiding the rising costs of major medical plans.

  • No Referrals Needed

  • You can choose any doctor nationwide

  • Lifetime Maximum – $5,000,000 Per Policy

  • Guaranteed Renewable until Age 65


  • Maximum Covered Benefits – per covered person per calendar year:**

    • $250,000

    • $500,000

    • $1,000,000


**The higher the Maximum Covered Benefits the higher the premium. The majority of our policyholders have chosen Maximum Covered Benefits of $500,000 per covered person per calendar.


  • Outpatient benefits – benefits paid on an outpatient basis only.  Unlike major medical policies a broad menu of services where our policyholders are treated in a physician’s office or an outpatient clinic, service charges are not subject to the Calendar Year Deductible they’ve chosen.  


  • Physician visits, Radiology; X-ray; EKG; Labs and injections; Brand name and generic prescriptions; Emergency Room; and Urgent Care Center


  • Preventive Care Benefits; and, Daily Emergency Ambulance (both ground and air) are included in all policies.


Please complete the  Preliminary Application form or call us today. We will be glad to meet with you or to speak with you, at your convenience.  Or, as have many of our policyholders, we’ll help you to decide, enroll in Health Saver Plus III only after we can answer the questions you may have.


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