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Three Easy-to-Enroll Health Insurance Plans You Should Consider

Many healthcare insurance policyholders in the US fail to realize that their insurance plan no longer meets their emerging health needs. And those, who know this, are afraid to move to another insurance carrier because of the hassles that come with switching from one insurance carrier to another. Waiting for the enrollment period, comparing coverage, finding the right agent are hassles of switching between healthcare coverage plans, to name a few. However, moving to another plan doesn’t have to be difficult, provided you know where to look.

To help you easily switch between different insurance carriers, we have pulled together a few healthcare plans that not only offer customized benefits but also require minimum effort to enroll. Let’s look at them:

Health Saver Gold Plan

Provided by Pro Health Plans, it is an economical health coverage plan that saves you 30-60% on premiums, gives you the flexibility to fit your budget, and covers more than what major insurance policies offered through the marketplace do. It also comes with no-cost value-added services, including access to MultiPlan/PHCS PPO Network and others that you, your spouse, dependents, and other related individuals can enjoy. This helps you get peace-of-mind and saves you from the crushing costs of medical care.

Private Medical Insurance Plans

For those dissatisfied with their government-sanctioned medical insurance plans because of the progressively surging premium costs and little coverage, private medical healthcare coverage is probably the best path to go down. This is because they enable you to save 40-50% on the policy and enjoy low deductibles. Plus, you can receive benefits customized to your health needs. What’s more, enrolling in them requires little to no effort. All you need to do is get in touch with an independent broker who provides private plans.

Plans with value-added services

Policyholders whose current health insurance doesn’t meet their major health needs can opt for those plans that include value-added services, including access to MultiPlan/PHCS PPO Network to medical reimbursements to dental and vision care. These plans give you the best value for money. Besides this, you may also enjoy low deductibles, low premiums, and other benefits.

Final note

Shifting to another health insurance carrier may seem challenging; however, the benefits will be worth the premiums and effort. For a smooth and seamless transition from your current policy to another, get in touch with us today and let us take care of the rest.

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