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Why Should You Buy Health Saver Gold plan and How Will it Benefit You?

Many Americans struggle to meet the crushing costs of medical care. They either don’t enjoy a tax-free health care plan provided by their employer or refuse to get private coverage because of the high premium cost. Those who want to protect themselves from the financial burden of unexpected medical expenses face trouble obtaining an affordable health insurance plan. However, Health Saver Gold Plan is a reliable insurance plan that can enable you to take control over your crushing medical expenses.

What is Health Saver Gold Plan?

Health Saver Gold Plan is an affordable health coverage plan that enables you to save 30-60% on premiums, offers flexibility to meet your budget, which major medical policies provided through the Marketplace don’t. It also provides a wide range of no-cost value-added services that give you, your spouse, dependents, and employee’s peace-of-mind while saving you from the rising costs of major medical plans.

Who Should Purchase Health Saver Gold Plan?

While anyone looking for a reliable low-cost health plan can join Health Saver Gold, these people will receive the maximum benefits:

  • l Those who do not enjoy employer-paid health insurance.

  • l Those who do not qualify for a premium tax credit from the Marketplace.

  • l Those who are sole proprietors or small business owners seeking health care insurance for themselves, their family and employees.

How Will Health Saver Gold Plan Benefit You?

Along with offering low premium costs and better flexibility than major medical plans available across the nation, Health Saver Gold Plan is loaded with no-cost value-added services, including:

  • Access to the MultiPlan / PHCS PPO Network

  • No referrals needed

  • You can select any doctor nationwide

  • You enjoy the Lifetime Maximum of $5,000,000 per policy

  • Guaranteed renewable until the age of 65

  • Freedom to Choose the Calendar Year suiting your budget

  • Maximum Covered Benefits - per person per the calendar year:

a) $250,00

b) $500,00

c) $1,000,00

Note: The majority of policyholders choose Maximum Covered Benefits of $500,00 per covered person per calendar year as the premium increases with the increase in Maximum Covered Benefits. peace-of-mind

  • Outpatient Benefits come with No Deductible with the majority of the costs covered by the plan.

a) Plan pays any general practitioner $160.00 (you pay very little or nothing)

b) Plan pays any specialist $700.00

c) This plan pays any doctor in or out of network the same amount 160 or 700 if specialist.

Unlike major medical policies, you enjoy a broad menu of services where you will be treated in a physician’s office or an outpatient clinic.

  • You receive Preventive Care Benefits; and Daily Emergency Ambulance (both ground and air)

  • Other benefits: Physician visits, Radiology, X-Ray; EKG; Labs and injections; Brand name and generic prescriptions; Emergency Room; and Urgent Care Center.

If you are seeking an affordable health plan for yourself, your family or employees, we will be glad to discuss with you about Health Saver Gold. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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